Patricia Hall, M.A., M.L.S.

June 12, 2011

Welcome to my website! I look forward to serving your translation needs.
I am a Spanish to English and French to English freelance translator and consultant specializing in legal, medical, official documents, and government documents.  I also teach Spanish (see below).

I offer:
· professional services delivered on time or earlier
· prompt response to your phone calls and emails
· culturally and technically accurate, well-written documents (that don’t look like translations)
· confidentiality
· attention to detail
· thorough proofreading of Spanish or French documents translated into English to make sure that the translation is accurate and consistent
· proofreading, editing, and text improvement of English texts
· ability to research and master new material because of my background in research and information science
· native English with in-country experience in both Spanish and French

I will translate for you:

· official documents (birth, marriage, divorce or death certificates, educational diplomas and transcripts, educational transcripts, police clearance statements, letters of recommendation, etc.)
· legal documents (court orders, custody orders, income tax forms, contracts, etc.)
· medical studies
· news articles, press releases, newsletters, etc.
· website translations
· most other documents or articles

I have translated documents from:

Spain, France, Quebec, Cuba, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, and many other countries.

I can provide references vouching for my translation abilities. Please send me an email asking for a free quote.

***I am an experienced Spanish teacher/tutor.  My passion is languages and I like to share my love of languages with my students.  I offer Spanish tutoring on a one-to-one or group basis.***

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